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Standard Dial Gauges
Lever Type Dial Indicators NEW PIC TEST
Standard Cylinder Gauges
Inch Scale Dial Indicators
Metric Graduations 0.01mm
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Standard Dial Gauges
  0.001 mm and 0.005 mm

Dial Gauges are widely used manufacturing plants.

The stem, made of SK quench hardened with strength, is malfunction-free
due to fastening.
The shock-proof mechanism prevents gears from damage due to shocks
arisen by abruptly pushing up the spindle.
The turning section of the outer frame sealed by the O-ring and the back
inside sealed by the packing are waterproof and dust-proof in construction.
The back is increased in strength by four screws, and the lug can be turned
90 degrees in the installation way.



Lever Type Dial Indicators NEW PIC TEST
  Without change lever PCN series

The New Pic Test is a lever type dial indicators used in all over the world.
It is a measuring instrument used for measurements of restricted areas,
and the outside/inside, groove width and centering with the dial gauge
installed to the lathe or the milling cutting machine for measurements
with the gauges held on the height gauges.

Without change lever (Automatic inverse type)
The lever type dial gauge of this type has no change lever, the contact
point inverses automatically in normal or reverse direction as desired
and pointer turns always CW to improve the measuring efficiency.
Miniature Bearing Used
The miniature bearing used as a bearing at the pivot of the contact
point to show good indication stability without any effect by rod play.
O-ring used
Oil resistance is enhanced by seating the O-ring in the turning section
of the outer frame.



Standard Cylinder Gauges
  CC series

Peacock offers a complete line of Dial Bore Gauges with interchangeable
anvils and necessary accessories to perform close tolerance measurements
of holes, taper and roundness.

* Dial gauge mounting knob is very simple of and sure avoiding demerit of
* The contact point is tungsten carbide ball.
* Dial gauge is not furnished and supplied only on request.
    Suitable dial gauges are 17Z, 57B (0.01mm) and 15Z, 5F (0.001mm).
* The standard ball tipped at the replacement rod is made of steel.
    The sintered hard-alloy ball is also available to tip.
* Performance of all these products meets JIS A class.
    Wide range accuracy____________ 5µm or less
    Adjacent error_____________________ 2µm or less
    Repeated accuracy______________ 2µm or less


Inch Scale Dial Indicators
  Dial Gages 0.001" and 0.0001" Type

* Easy-reading distinct graduations.
* Inch models have standard black needles and white dial faces or new, high
    visibility orange needles and black faces.
    Metric models have yellow dial faces.
* Hard, satin-chrome finish.
* Superior quality of spindle rack, pinions and gear trains ensure longevity.
* Meets or exceeds applicable US federal specifications.
* Conforms to AGD specifications.
* Revolution counter on all models, except 1200 and 1201.



Metric Graduations 0.01mm




Dial Thickness Gauges
  0.01mm type

These thickness gauges are especially handy for measuring thickness of small
parts, metal, rubber, vinyl, paper, foil and other sheet material.

* The objects to be measured is clamped by simple lever operation.
    The measured values are read directly on the dial gauge.
* Since the anvil and the contact point are adjusted for parallelism, accurate
    measured values are obtained.

Dial Thickness Gauges
  0.001mm type

* New thinkness gauges with 0.001mm graduations.
* Newly developed special frame minimizes inspecting errors resulting from thermal changes.
    Zero reference point will remain accurate even after many hours of use or extreme swings in temperature.


Dial Calipers Gauges
  LA series (Outside measuring of ODs and thicknesses)

The dial caliper gauge show its great power in measurement of inside and outside sizes, wall
thickness, groove width and hole diameters and any other shapes and sections that is not
apparently accessible.

  LB series (Inside measuring of ID and groove widths)




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