Flat Turn Table

Product height just 85mm.
It is possible to be installed directly on the floor surface (without pit).
Thus it is better suitable for the case that be installed it after construction.
Specification for simple installation.
Invertor motor and Urethane roller is included standard specification.
 A  Access hole
There are access hole on the turntable.
It is easier to change parts or maintenance.
 B  Drive unit
The component is very simple and compact.
Urethane roller is standard specification thereby it has advantage in noiseless.
 C  Access hole
There are 2 buttons, right and left, on the panel. Put the button to activate and Release the button to stop. Turntable keeps rotating until release the button. Installation type is independence or wall-hanging type. Standard specification of material for the panel is plating paint. *SUS-made panel is available as an option.
Type Turntable Length of Slop Movable Measure in Drive unit Motor
diameter way part load height Measure in height
(mm) (mm) (kg) (mm) (mm)
ISB-40L 4000 300 2500 85 90mm from finishing 0.4 100V
surface of principal 200V