Dial Gauge

Peacock - Accessories

Replaceable contact points
Replaceable back

Peacock - Back Plunger

Easy handling
Convenient for use on locations where
  scale reading is difficult.

Peacock - Long Travel

Widely used manufacturing plants.

Peacock - Miniature

Useful for measuring jigs, in restricted
These compact size are equipped with
  small dial faces.

Peacock - One Revolution

Easy to read with green and orange
  (except No. 18 and 17B)

Peacock - Standard 0.01

Widely used manufacturing plants.

Peacock - Standard 0.001, 0.005

Widely used manufacturing plants.

Teclock - Back Plunger

Can set in parallel to measuring face.
Suitable for leveling smooth surface
  and reading from the front of
  measuring point.

Teclock - Long Stroke

Widely used for construction, civil
  engineering industries etc

Teclock - One Revolution

High durability is realized with Teclock

Teclock - Small

Suitable to measure at the narrow
  setting space of production lines

Teclock - Standard 0.001

Stable repeatability accuracy is realized
  with lever enlargement mechanism

Teclock - Standard 0.01

Standard series with high durability
  and high accuracy by pursuing parts

Teclock - Standard 0.1

Used to measure approximate
  dimensional judgment for woodwork
  and leather goods etc.