The WELL AIR has the following advantage for installation and use.
There is no need to control the dew point.
You can make simple plumbing connections to install and use the WELL AIR, since it can completely separate and remove the drains (water and dirt) inside air lines.
Install a single WELL AIR directly before each pneumatic device to get the best effect.
In order to achieve the maximum effect
When installing the WELL AIR, make sure to pay attention to the following.
Make sure to install the WELL AIR vertically.
Install the WELL AIR directly in line, just before each pneumatic device. (Longer lines between the WELL AIR and the pneumatic device may allow dew to form inside the pipe due to the temperature difference between the compressed air and the external atmosphere.)
Make sure to keep long pipeline between the Well air and the compressor (20m or more).
Make sure to up the inlet and outlet of the WELL AIR to the proper points in your system.
Before installing the WELL AIR, make sure to read the instruction manual that comes with the WELL AIR thoroughly.